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About The Green Card

After your fiancee enters the United States you have 90 days to file their Adjustment of Status or their status will change to unlawful. They will not be able to work, get a social security number, get a state ID card, or driver's license, or leave the country until we Adjust their Status. We do provide complete assistance with filing the Adjustment of Status. We fill-out absolutely all the paperwork and all you have to do is sign your name. You can be sure that ALL complex paperwork will be done 100% correct. There is about 3 times more paperwork for the Adjustment of Status than the Fiancee Visa. If the Adjustment of Status is done incorrectly they will deny it and issue a deportation notice. Don't risk everything by trying to do this yourself.

Getting Your Green Card

Our experienced immigration consultants will prepare and file all the required documents for foreign nationals already in the U.S. with an approved immigration petition. An Adjustment of Status is the process of obtaining legal permanent residence in the U.S. The adjustment application is filed with the Department of Homeland Security to get what is known as a green card.

We can prepare your Adjustment of Status and get your green card if you are married to a U.S. Citizen and came to the U.S. on one of the following types of visas:



  • K-1 Fiancée Visa, or K-2 Fiancée Child Visa


If you are not married to a U.S. citizen we cannot help you.

If you entered the U.S. illegally we cannot help you.


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How Long Is The Adjustment of Status Valid?Time

The permanent residence is valid indefinitely, as long as permanent residence is not abandoned through absence of six months or longer from the U.S and you keep your card valid. Your initial green card is conditional and is good for 2 years, then you must apply for a 10-year green card (Removal of Condition).

How Long does it take to get an Adjustment of Status (Green Card)?

Times vary a lot but approximately 4-12 months is the nationwide average.

Total Cost to get an Adjustment of Status (Green Card)



  • $1,225 Adult Filing Fee (Due at time of filing)
  • $550 Fee to Filipina Fiancee Visa Service (To get started)
  • $1,775 Total of All Fees



Are Dependents Eligible for an Adjustment of Status?

Yes, each person that desires permanent residence must file a separate Adjustment of Status Application Package. We charge $150 extra per child to be included on their parents Adjustment of Status. Each child we receive their own Adjustment of Status Application Package.

  • $1,225. Filing fee for Children 14 or over (Due at time of filing)
  • $750 Filing fee for Children under 14 years of age filing with the application of at least one parent
  • $1,140 Filing fee for Children under 14 years of age not filing with at least one parent Plus $550 Fee to Filipina Fiancee Visa Service

The Income Requirement

The Sponsor of the Adjustment of Status must meet the Government's income requirement. The income requirement is 125% of the current poverty guidelines set by the Government. You can find that HERE. If the Sponsor does not meet the income requirement, they are allowed to use a co-sponsor. 

Why Use Our Adjustment of Status Service?

  • There is nothing else to buy and we have nothing else to sell you.

  • We prepare all the forms, all you do is sign them and add your supporting documents. When we prepare your paperwork we will give you a list of all required supporting documents.

  • We charge $150 extra per child to be included on their parent's Adjustment of Status. Each child we receive their own Adjustment of Status Application Package.

  • We prepare your Employment Authorization at no extra charge (It takes about 120 days, times do vary, from the date of filing to get your Employment Authorization Card). This will allow you to get a Social Security Card.

  • We prepare an Advance Parole (Travel Permit) at no extra charge (This allows you to travel abroad while waiting for your green card, it takes about 120 days to get this, times do vary, from the date of filing).

  • Avoid costly mistakes and subsequent delays, denials, and deportations.

  • You will be worry free!

  • An Experienced Immigration Consultant will carefully prepare your entire Adjustment of Status Application.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!




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