Required Documents for Fiancee Visa, K1 Visa, Marriage Visa

To get your petition filed we will need the following items:


  • Photocopy of the first page and entry and exit stamp page(s) of U.S. citizen's passport.

  • Copy of both of your birth certificates.

  • Copies of Termination of EVERY Prior Marriage (if either petitioner or fiancee has been previously married).

  • Pictures of you together.

Later (Months from now) you need the following items:


  • Evidence of Financial Support, which shall include the Affidavit of Support by the petitioner, and a copy of the petitioner’s most recent Federal income tax returns as well as the previous W-2 of the petitioner.

  • Evidence of your ongoing relationship which can be cards, letters, emails, chats, or phone bills.


We Provide Fiancee Visa Preparation Services for U.S. clients


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