How Does This Work? (Fiancee Visa)

Here's How Our Process Works


You can sign up from this website or call us at 702-426-4503 M-F. After you sign up we will set you up with an online account. You and your fiancee will both login to your account and you each will answer a few questions for us so that we can collect some information about you both, this should take you each about 15 minutes of your time. You are not filling out any forms but we must first gather your information or we don't know anything about either of you.

Once we have gathered your information we will fill out ALL the paperwork for you. We fill out ALL the paperwork, not you. This is NOT just a few forms, that’s how you get denied, this will be an entire professionally prepared package, which is typically 25-35 pages or longer, depending upon your case. At that time we will also give you a list of every document that will be required from both of you. Once we have your petition package ready all you have to do is print it (You must have access to a printer) and sign your name.

We will also provide you with DETAILED step-by-step instructions explaining EVERYTHING that you and your fiancee need to do and EVERYTHING that you need to include. If either of you has any questions you will be able to ask us.

Additionally, we will prepare your affidavit of support and explain to you everything that you need to include with it, we will also prepare your foreign fiancee for their medical exam and thoroughly prepare them for their interview at the U.S. Embassy. We do this through both email and phone support. We will make sure that your foreign fiancee has everything they need for their U.S. Embassy interview and we will even provide them with the actual questions they will be asked. Since this is our 17th year in business and we do over 1,000 of these every year and we have a 100% Success Rate, if you will just follow our instructions your success is guaranteed.


We assist you step-by-step through the entire process until they put the visa in the hands of your fiancee. 


Total Cost for a Fiance Visa

*$600 Total Fee to Filipina Fiancee Visa Service (To get started)
*$535 Filing Fee to US Immigration Service (Due when petition is filed)
*$345 Adult Medical Fee to Clinic (Paid by Alien)
*$265 Visa Fee to Embassy (Paid by Alien)
**$1,745 Total All Fees**    

It costs only $600 to get started today!


You cannot pay all these fees to us, you only pay us the $600 to get started and you will be the one who pays the other fees directly to the various government agencies when they are due. You would have pay the government fees even if you were to do this by yourself.

*We charge you an extra $100 per child that you want to include. The child will also be issued a visa (K2).

Extra Fees Per Child to be included

*$100 Total Fee to Filipina Fiancee Visa Service (To get started)
*$185 Child Medical Exam fee (14 years and younger) (Due months from now)
*$265 Embassy Visa Fee (Due months from now)

**$550 Total All Fees Per Child**